Monday, July 18, 2011

The trials of being a Noob

I hate being a Noob. Not knowing how to navigate a system will drive one crazy, if they are not already. It is frustrating to spend far too much time try to do something that you know must be so simple that a child can and does do it all the time. Most people get the feeling of superiority or confidence while  trekking through several softwares on their machine. Then something new come along! Oops! The whole world stops and the burden of being a Noob comes over them and they are brought back down the the plane of reality. In a classroom setting when I was at a job training class, at least there were instructors to answer questions if you became hopelessly behind the class at some point and could not figure out what to do. But who wants to hold their hand up as a child in school does and ask for help. It is like saying  to all your co-workers: I am not a smart and need help. What a blow to the ego; the feeling of all eyes on you and wondering just what the rest of your co-workers are thinking. Are they thinking "Whew, I'm glad he asked that question so that I wouldn't have too" Or are thinking "What a dumb clutz he is" Or "We are never going to get through with this dumb class with people like that in here asking stupid questions" What if you are on a team with them on an assignment, will they think "Oh no, it's that dummie from our software class;I guess I will have to hold his hand all the way through this assignment or cover for him"  It is no fun being  a Noob anytime. It is stressful and demeaning to a normally confident person to suddenly become one on the bottom of the ladder, one of the pleebs getting no respect from upper classmen, the bottom of the food chain, so to speak.

But, being a Noob is like learning to read or write, it is a necessity; an unfortunate bump in the road to attaining a desired level of proficiency in a chosen area. If we are to become proficient at anything that we chose to learn, being  a Noob is is the first step. Even Bill Gates was a computer Noob at one time, and it worked out pretty good for him.

I hope that anyone that has the patience to follow my ramblings and stumbling here will enjoy the pictures, bear with the rants, and maybe see a ray of Light in a few things penned here. If not, there is the Next Blog button.

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